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Your ROI Toolkit

Ready to Accelerate your Rebate ROI?

When you’re considering adopting a new rebate management platform, you need to be sure that your investment is going to pay off.  

At Enable, we help organizations determine how they can spend their time and resources most efficiently while seizing new opportunities to lower costs, increase revenue, and create a better bottom line for the business.

Whether you're managing supplier or customer rebates, our research and experience shows that companies using Enable for rebate management typically receive at least a 400% ROI.  

Fill in this form to get access to our ROI toolkit to take a proactive and return-focused approach to your decision making.

  • Supplier Rebates ROI Calculator
  • White paper - Making the Business Case for Rebate Management Software: Calculating Your ROI
  • Video - Achieving maximum ROI with B2B deals
  • Checklists - 6 Ways You Can Ensure Customer & Supplier Rebates Drive ROI
  • Infographics
  • Blogs  

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