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Leverage Forecasting to Drive Informed Decision Making

Forecasting plays a pivotal role in shaping your rebate strategy. Utilizing real-time data to gain a precise understanding of your business's potential allows you to set realistic goals and engage in data-driven decision making.

Nevertheless, employing manual tools such as spreadsheets for forecasting proves unreliable. What you truly require is a dynamic Forecasting feature that allows you to assess and approve forecast recommendations that factor in seasonal variations, offering you the flexibility to monitor, tweak, and model anticipated rebates.

During this in-depth exploration of the feature, we will cover:

  • How it integrates seasonality and leverages past year patterns
  • The visual features and interactive dashboards
  • The utilization of forecasted values in accruals and other displays
  • The intricacies of forecast calculations


Phillip DelGobbo, Lead Implementation Analyst


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