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The What, Why and How of Automation of Rebate Data Between Trading Partners

Siloed and manual technology platforms, a lack of data visibility and inability to share information in real time are key factors behind the operational inefficiencies preventing the electrical industry from accurately managing their rebates.

Data is the connective tissue that runs through all aspects of a business. Data doesn’t just sit within the confines of the enterprise, but it weaves its way across the supply chain. This is why the electrical industry is accelerating towards data automation with IDEA & Enable’s joint solution.

Understanding how this data is captured, managed, analyzed and used across the supply chain can be eye opening. Data automation ensures you have the right data in the right form at the right time at the right place in your supply chain to drive business outcomes, increase revenue growth and make trading partnerships more cohesive.  

Join IDEA’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mike Wentz and Enable’s Industry Principal, Mo Barsema, as they discuss:

  • What data automation looks like in 2023
  • Why data transparency between trading partners matters
  • Benefits of automation of rebate data for the electrical industry
  • How IDEA & Enable are partnering to solve data disparity



Mike Wentz
IDEA’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Mo Barsema
Industry Principal, Enable


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