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How BSN Scales Growth Through Strategic Rebate Innovation

For many companies, rebates are often perceived as an inherent business expense. However, leaders recognize the potential for using rebates strategically in collaboration with trading partners. By leveraging rebates as a key strategic tool, businesses can influence desired behaviors and unlock substantial avenues for growth. 

Join us for a live webinar as Enable’s Mark Gilham sits down with industry leader Gordon Briscoe, CFO at BSN SPORTS to discuss how they reset their rebate strategy and applied a new innovative approach to rebate management. Learn how this renowned sports retailer has transformed rebates into a strategic instrument for mutual success with their trading partners. Hear about their collaborative approach in crafting efficient rebate programs while effectively managing the complexities of having 1,200+ field sales professionals. 

This webinar will delve into: 

  • Transforming rebates into a strategic instrument for mutual success 
  • How BSN transformed their rebate strategy and achieved enhanced business outcomes  
  • Leveraging rebates as a strong sales and marketing tool

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