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Keystone's Winning Formula for Special Pricing Agreements

Manufacturers use special pricing agreements (SPAs) to bolster sales, fortify trading relationships, safeguard market share, and navigate unpredictable market conditions. 

While some manufacturers offer SPAs out of obligation, others, like Keystone Lintels, have honed their expertise in SPAs, recognizing them as key parts of a successful business strategy. 

In this upcoming webinar, Michelle Langford, Commercial Finance Manager at Keystone Lintels, the UK & Ireland's leading steel lintel manufacturer, will team up with Mark Gilham, VP of Rebate Advisory at Enable, to delve into: 

  • Strategic approaches to SPA management 
  • Revitalizing dormant SPAs 
  • Cultivating a mutually beneficial SPA ecosystem 
  • Best practices for manufacturers to streamline the SPA process 
Michelle Langford

Michelle Langford
Commercial Finance Manager at Keystone Lintels

Mark Gilham Headshot

Mark Gilham
VP & Evangelist, Enable


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