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Introduction to Inventory Rebate Accounting

Managing off-system calculations and tracking rebates attached to your inventory can be a challenging task. However, our latest add-on feature Inventory Rebate Accounting offers a solution to simplify this process significantly, leaving your financial statements audit proof. 

With the implementation of Enable, customers managing supplier rebates now have the ability to recognize rebates earnings at the point of sale. Distributors can accurately report rebates in their balance sheet and profit and loss (P&L) accounts on selling the relevant goods.  

During the webinar, our product experts will delve into the intricacies of Inventory Rebate Accounting (IA) and highlight the benefits of using Enable's module. They will address common challenges faced by businesses and demonstrate how Enable's feature simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 

Join Evangelist, Mark Gilham, and Harrison Reeks, Associate Product Manager at Enable as they discuss: 

  • Why is IA important?  
  • Challenges associated with not accurately associating rebates to your inventory 
  • Introduction to the IA module  
  • Best practices for using IA and benefits 



Mark Gilham
Evangelist, Enable

Harrison Reeks headshot

Harrison Reeks
Associate Product Manager, Enable 

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