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State of Volume Rebates 2024

Let’s unpack how volume rebates are shaping trading relationships between manufacturers and distributors throughout the supply chain. 

In this webinar, David Gordon, an experienced professional in the electrical industry and the founder of Channel Marketing Group, delves into the following topics: 

  • The significance of rebates as a vital tool for building strong relationships between trading partners. 
  • Identifying the various opportunities for rebates that exist for both manufacturers and distributors. 
  • The role of enhanced analytics and improved communication in driving more effective rebate programs. 
  • Understanding the challenges posed by administrative burdens that hinder the strategic utilization of rebates. 

You’ll leave with insights into how both manufacturers are using rebates and ideas for improving your own rebate strategies in the future. 

David Gordon

David Gordon
Founder, Channel Marketing Group


Reggie Waterman
Director, Enable Product Marketing

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