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White Paper

The 2024 State of Volume Rebates for Distributors

The distribution industry is experiencing rapid change, due to fluctuating market conditions, political upheaval, increasing costs of labor and supplies, rising consumer expectations, consolidation, and so much more. 

Amidst this evolving landscape, many industry players are turning to the unassuming rebate as a catalyst for cultivating stronger partnerships between trading partners. Simultaneously, rebates are proving instrumental in enhancing internal operational efficiencies, ultimately fortifying the financial bottom line. 

Within this report, we delve into a comprehensive exploration of how distributors leverage volume rebates to reinforce the resilience of the supply chain. Access the latest insights to uncover: 

  • The imperative for enhanced tools to monitor rebate performance.  
  • Why rebates remain critical to a distributor's strategy. 
  • How distributors perceive rebates as a pivotal instrument for building and sustaining relationships.  
  • Why communication remains a key concern, both internally and externally. 

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