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Harvard Business Review Analytic Services: The Evolution of Rebate Management

At Enable, we’re rethinking how the deal economy operates while disrupting an entire industry that has been stuck in the past. For manufacturers, rebate deals are a significant part of their sales and marketing strategy, while for distributors and retailers these rebates often represent the majority of their entire profit margin. These organizations are under unprecedented pressure due to the increasing complexity of supply chains and competition.

Often overlooked is the fact that B2B rebates on their own could separate a profitable quarter from an unprofitable one. Yet, nobody seems to have a solid understanding on exactly when and where the money is coming and going, due to their continued reliance on spreadsheets and siloed tools. How did we reach this point?

With trillions of dollars in B2B trade at stake, organizations can no longer afford to rely on antiquated and inflexible systems such as ERP and manual processes. Our vision is a world where B2B rebate deals are liberated from the pain of time-consuming, inefficient tools, siloed processes, and turned into effective and strategic tools that drive focus and collaboration between trading partners. The good news, according to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services findings, is that many organizations are discovering the true value of a specialized rebate management solution.

To reinforce our observations, you’ll hear first-hand insights from leading distributors, buying groups and retailers on how they turned rebate management processes that were often risky and burdensome into an opportunity to drive growth and profitability. These leaders demonstrate that rebate management automation is easily within reach for all businesses who are ready to embrace the cloud.

In this report, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services examines the top trends shaping the rebate management landscape and how adopting and leveraging the right cloud-based technologies can provide a pathway to greater financial transparency and audit control, data-driven insights, dynamic pricing, and vertical integration through collaboration among key partners for greater growth.

There’s never been a better time for companies to revolutionize how they manage their rebates programs and make sure every dollar is accounted for.‍


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