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White Paper

The 2024 State of Volume Rebates for Manufacturers

Within the ever-changing landscape of the supply chain, manufacturers grapple with uncertainty. However, a surprising champion has stepped into the spotlight: the unassuming rebate. 

These rebates play a pivotal role in steering financial performance and molding the strategic framework of supply chain operations. The significance of effective rebate management cannot be emphasized enough when aiming to transform rebates into catalysts for growth. 

In response to this imperative, we revisited how manufacturers are harnessing the power of volume rebates. While some insights remained consistent with the previous year, we also unveiled new challenges and areas of friction. Simultaneously, we uncovered exciting opportunities that promise to reshape the landscape for manufacturers in the realm of rebates. 

Download these latest findings to discover: 

  • The potential opportunities for manufacturers to broaden their rebate programs. 
  • The disconnect between rebate strategies and alignment with company goals. 
  • How improved analytics and communication will drive more effective rebate programs 
  • Why administrative burdens prevent strategic use of rebates 

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