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White Paper

Rebate Management Bootcamp: The Basics of Rebates


Rebates have been around for a long time (since at least the 1800s). For many modern businesses, rebates are a valuable tool for protecting margins, maintaining loyalty and increasing revenue. But for many more, rebates are a black box.

‍Some businesses utilize rebates because they’re viewed as the cost of doing business. Others leverage rebates because they have strategic business value. Still others don’t use rebates at all, uncomfortable with the idea of diving into complex incentive schemes that may ultimately hurt the bottom line.

So, let’s talk about rebates. Let’s talk about their history and about who uses them and why. Let’s talk about the different types of rebate programs and their benefits. If you’re new to the world of rebates, this is a great place to start. If you’re familiar with rebates — as many in the electrical, construction materials and HVACR industries likely are — you will find this ebook a pleasant refresher. And you may even learn some fun new facts about rebates!


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