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Your Ultimate Rebate Handbook:

Understanding and Choosing the Right Type of Rebate

Rebate programs come in many shapes and sizes. Every rebate serves a specific strategic purpose, making it crucial for businesses to understand each rebate type to ensure that they utilize the right tool for their goals.  

Think of it like a game of golf. You wouldn’t use the same club for every shot: you’d use a large wooden club to drive the ball down the course, a wedge to dig yourself out of sand traps and a putter to gently guide the ball into the hole. Rebates are just the same way, with many different types of rebates designed to serve many different purposes. To effectively harness the power of rebate programs, it is essential to comprehend their nuances and learn how to wield them strategically. 

In this eBook, we’re diving into the world of rebate programs to explore the multitude of goals they can help businesses achieve. We will explore a wide array of strategic objectives, identify the types of rebates that can be used to achieve them and show you how to choose the right rebate strategy for your business. 

Rebate Handbook

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