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Enable Product Deep Dive

Trading Programs and Forecasting

Are you a new or existing Enable user? Do you or your team require a refresher on how to navigate our software? Our upcoming webinar is tailored for you!

During the session, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of Enable's current features and functionalities. Our aim is to help you and your team to develop a thorough understanding of the software, build confidence, and enhance efficiency and collaboration throughout your business.

In addition, as new features and releases are coming in fast, learn about how your business can utilize them to deliver the best possible rebate strategy.

Key takeaways

  • How to create a trading program (I.e., rebate agreements)
  • Learn the impact of a trading program on program lines
  • Find out more about the different mechanisms
  • Preview of Forecasting module


Georgie Lewis-Roberts, Associate Implementation Analyst




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