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From Rebate Manager to Rebate Strategist

Rebates are strategic. They’re key to driving behavior. To increasing margin and sales. To helping your business grow.  

But most importantly they’re key to rebuilding the loyalty and trust between partners.  

It’s time we embrace that.

We’re witnessing the rise of the rebate strategist. No longer content with a back-office role.

It’s time rebates go from being an afterthought, to being the driver of the next best business decision.

And it’s time you make the move to a rebate strategist. The person who is on top of decision-making data that drives the next best decision for your business.

If rebate management is a key element of your role, it’s a shift you can make too. This ebook will show you how.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • The big trends driving new business imperatives
  • The untapped potential of rebates
  • What’s preventing rebate managers from becoming rebate strategists?
  • Three steps to becoming a rebate strategist


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