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Twice a month, Enable hosts a group product tour presented by one of our solution experts. These no-strings-attached sessions offer regular opportunities to stay up to date with the latest strategies and tools in rebate management.

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Get hands-on experience with Enable’s rebate management platform.
Learn best practices from product experts.
See real-world examples of how businesses like yours have shifted rebates from an expense to a growth engine.

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Supplier Rebates

Supplier Rebates Track

Focus on maximizing supplier rebate management and transforming it into a sustainable source of revenue.

Customer Rebates

Customer Rebates Track

Dive deep into customer rebate strategies that drive sales and boost customer loyalty.



Supplier Rebates

Group Product Tour

Unlock the full potential of supplier rebate management and ensure you claim: every. last. dollar.

Supplier rebates can be a win-win: manufacturers reward distributors for driving sales and building customer loyalty, while distributors benefit from rebates that reduce costs. But reality often falls short. Deal complexity, technology constraints, and internal process breakdowns turn supplier rebates into an administrative burden rather than a growth engine.

Join a group session to learn how to transform supplier rebates into a sustainable source of revenue and growth.

Learn how to:

  • Accurately track rebates due, including supplier-guaranteed margins, with a comprehensive audit trail to resolve disputes quickly.

  • Ensure all rebates are claimed and cash is received promptly, including retroactive claims for any missed earnings.

  • Gain full, real-time visibility of deals, thresholds, and margins to maximize your rebate earnings.


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Customer Rebates

Group Product Tour

Learn how to effectively manage customer rebates to boost loyalty and drive sales.

Customer rebates are a powerful tool for incentivizing purchases and retaining loyal customers. But managing these programs can be challenging without the right strategy and technology.

Join a group session to learn how to simplify customer rebate management and turn it into a driver of business growth.

Learn how to:

  • Design and implement customer rebate programs that align with your sales goals.

  • Streamline the rebate process to ensure timely and accurate payouts.

  • Utilize data and insights to optimize rebate offers and maximize customer engagement.

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