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Adoption of Inventory Rebate Accounting

Organizations receiving rebates from suppliers often face challenges in monthly reporting and annual statements due to the complex timing of rebate releases, while striving to maintain financial accuracy and compliance in inventory valuation. 

Compliance with accounting standards such as IFRS and US GAAP is mandatory. The prevalence of rebates within a business can cause significant concerns for many CFOs. 

This webinar aims to explain the standards, assess your compliance, and share best practices for adherence. It will outline available solutions and guide you on establishing efficient workflows and procedures. 

In this webinar, Mark will delve into: 

  •  Demystifying Inventory Accounting, emphasizing its significance in rebate management.
  • Strategies to overcome common challenges and roadblocks to adoption.
  • The benefits of automation.
  • Why effective Inventory Accounting is crucial for accounting standards compliance. 

Mark Gilham
Director & Evangelist


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