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Building the Best Foundation for a Rebate Program

Rebate programs have become an essential tool for manufacturers, distributors and retailers seeking to drive sales, foster customer loyalty, and drive behaviors. However, without a solid foundation, these programs can be challenging to implement effectively.

Join us in this engaging webinar, where Mark Gilham will serve as your expert guide, leading you through the essential strategies, best practices, and critical steps necessary to craft a rebate program that not only aligns with your business goals but also leaves your customers delighted.

During this session, Mark will cover:

  • Establishing Clear Objectives: Learn how to define concrete goals for your rebate programs that drive success. 
  • Building a Reliable Process: Discover the key elements needed to create an efficient rebate process. 
  • Mastering Data Accuracy: Explore the importance of accurate data and how it impacts the success of your rebate initiatives. 
  • The Three Pillars of Successful Rebate Strategies: Delve into the core components that underpin every victorious rebate strategy. 

Mark Gilham
Director & Evangelist

WBNR-Building the Best Foundation

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