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Enable Supplier Rebates

Claim every last dollar, with smarter supplier rebate management.

Supplier rebates seem like a great idea on paper. Manufacturers reward their distributors for helping them to sell more product and build customer loyalty. Distributors benefit by claiming juicy rebates that lower their costs. Both parties benefit by working together to win, serve and retain valuable customers. Unfortunately, supplier rebates are rarely the engine of business growth they’re supposed to be. Instead, they’re an administrative nightmare fueled by three key issues: deal complexity, technology constraints, and internal process breakdowns. Tune into this demo to discover how to turn supplier rebates from an administrative nightmare into a sustainable source of revenue and growth.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Accurately track rebates due, including any supplier-guaranteed margins, with a thorough audit trail to quickly resolve any disputes.
  • Ensure all rebates are claimed and cash is received promptly. Look back retroactively and claim any missed earnings.
  • Get full, real-time visibility of deals, thresholds, and through margin to help you maximize your rebate earnings.

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