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Establishing Strong Relations with Trading Partners

In a supply chain where collaborative relationships are paramount, understanding how incentives play a pivotal role is key to achieving success.  

When thoughtfully designed and effectively executed, rebate incentives contribute to the sustainable growth and enduring success of the entire supply chain, turning it into a resilient and adaptive network of interconnected partners. 

Listen to this fireside chat with Mark Gilham, Evangelist at Enable and featured speaker, Hannibal Scipio, Principal Analyst at Forrester as they discuss: 

  • Using Incentives to drive the right behaviors 
  • Understanding your partners motivations 
  • The importance of transparency between trading partners 
  • Establishing mutually beneficial goals  

This fireside chat promises to provide a deep dive into the strategic utilization of incentives to influence behavior, cultivate transparency, and establish mutually advantageous goals. 


Mark Gilham
Director & Evangelist

Hannibal Scipio_2427

Featured Speaker:
Hannibal Scipio 
Principal Analyst, Forrester

Establishing Strong Relations with Trading Partners

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