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Rebate Strategist University

Administrative Excellence for Distributors

Rebates play a pivotal role as a financial lever for distributors constituting a significant portion of their overall profitability. While these incentive programs are instrumental in optimizing costs and fostering strategic partnerships with suppliers, the administrative aspects, coupled with the time and manpower required, can often plunge buyers into a seemingly never-ending loop of complexities. 

This complexity can lead to inefficiencies, delayed rebate claims, and, in some cases, missed opportunities for maximizing the benefits of these financial incentives. The longer a rebate claim remains unpaid, the less money is available for other business-building or profit-making activities. 

This webinar aims to unravel these complexities by providing practical insights for buyers into streamlining the administrative processes associated with rebate management. 

Watch this insightful RSU webinar to:

  • Learn effective negotiation strategies for securing favorable rebate terms with sellers. 
  • Explore the significance of accurate documentation in the rebate claiming process. 
  • Gain practical tips for efficiently submitting rebate claims to sellers and ensuring timely collection of what's rightfully due. 
  • Discover the essential resources and skills required to effectively manage rebates within your team. 
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Mark Gilham
Director & Evangelist, Enable

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