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Webinar Series

Rebate Strategist University

Auditing Rebates

Rebates can have a significant impact on a business's financial performance and pose a risk to auditors. It's not uncommon for junior accountants to review rebate work, and they may even rely on the client for guidance. As a result, many auditors face challenges when dealing with rebates.

At Enable, we understand these challenges and are showcasing a webinar to help both auditors and their clients avoid them. The webinar is hosted by Mark Gilham, who has over a decade of senior finance experience dealing with rebates, he will provide practical tips to help auditors identify common problems and address them effectively. Thereby improving the quality of audit work and ensuring clients are in compliance with accounting rules for rebates.

Education and training are crucial to managing rebate risks effectively. By attending this webinar, auditors will gain valuable insights and practical tips to help them navigate the complexities of rebates with confidence. Mark's expertise and experience will enable auditors to identify common problems and manage rebate risks effectively.  

In the webinar, Mark covers the following topics:

  • Why rebates are risky and the gravity of the risk, using past incidents as examples
  • Accounting rules for rebates, including IFRS and US GAAP
  • Identifying the risk of accidental and deliberate misstatements
  • Controls and checks for sales rebates vs buying rebates

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