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Preparing Your SPA Claims to Drive Accuracy

In the world of SPAs, every penny or cent counts, which is why a robust and streamlined calculation/claim process is crucial. SPA claims are a frequent and repetitive task, and unfortunately in some cases the process can result in a failed claim. Anyone working with SPAs will appreciate that failure to claim on time or address the calculation challenges result in profit leakage.

Furthermore, poor claims are incredibly time consuming for manufacturers to review, sometimes resulting in over/under payment and a headache for their SPA team. So that’s headaches all round!

But it doesn’t have to be that way, in this upcoming webinar, we will discuss strategies for:  

  • Improving the pre- and post-claim process of SPAs
  • Best practices for month-end  
  • Making the manufacturers day with clean and accurate claims
  • SPA reconciliation: How it comes together with your partners



Mo Barsema
Industry Principal, Enable


Mark Gilham
Evangelist, Enable

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