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Rebate Strategist University

Building an Effective Strategy for Distributors

Embracing rebates as a prevalent incentive strategy is a common practice among distributors seeking to protect and improve their profit margins.  

However, the value derived from rebates extends far beyond the realm of straightforward financial transactions. These incentives are acknowledged as strategic instruments that play a pivotal role in reducing risk and fostering trust between trading partners. 

For distributors, this RSU webinar is a must watch! Mark Gilham will delve into:  

  • The significance of rebates and safeguarding margins. 
  • Collaborating with auditors and trading partners to mitigate risks. 
  • Addressing discrepancies in your rebate numbers. 
  • Real-life examples showcasing the impactful nature of commercial calculations. 
Mark Gilham Headshot

Mark Gilham
VP & Evangelist, Enable

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