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Rebate Strategist University

Building an Effective Strategy for Manufacturers

Rebates have long been an afterthought. Manufacturers often offer them because they think they must, creating one-size-fits-all programs that don’t always work out. Instead, rebates should be used strategically to incentivize mutually beneficial behaviors and drive success.  

If a rebate proves ineffective in influencing any noticeable behavior, it calls for a thorough re-evaluation of its purpose and worth. 18% of manufacturers admit to being unaware of the effectiveness of their rebate strategies. This acknowledgment underscores a significant need for a “rebate reset”.  

To bridge this informational gap and enhance understanding of the efficacy of rebate strategies, we invite you to join our RSU webinar where we'll explore: 

  • Determining when to employ discounts versus rebates. 
  • Harmonizing your pricing and rebate strategies. 
  • Designing rebate programs to incentivize behaviors. 
  • Examining real-life examples illustrating the influential nature of commercial calculations. 
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Mark Gilham
VP & Evangelist, Enable


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