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The State of Special Pricing Agreements: Opportunities in Efficiency, Administration and Analytics 


Special pricing agreements (SPAs) are a unique and complex type of rebate that frustrates many businesses within the supply chain. In fact, they're so complex and frustrating that many businesses swear them off entirely — or do they? A brand new report on SPAs from Enable dives deep into this question and others. Are businesses using SPAs? What for? Can they gain clear insights into SPA performance or are they running blind?

Join Mark McGready, Director of Channel Analytics and SPARXiQ, and Mark Gilham, Enable's Evangelist, as they discuss the report's findings, unearth fascinating new data points about SPA usage, and break down how businesses throughout the supply chain are using SPAs.



Mark Gilham
Evangelist, Enable

mark mcgready headshot-circ

Mark McGready
Director of Channel Analytics, SPARXiQ

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