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White Paper

Aligning to Partner Goals

From day-to-day tasks to long-range planning, setting goals that align with your trading partners’ can help you refine your operation, improve efficiency and reach the pinnacle of business success: long term, sustainable growth.

In our 2022 - State of Volume Rebates Report, we discovered that only 2% of manufacturers think their rebate strategy is very effective at achieving their goals and 45% of distributors don’t track their performance (or don’t know if they track their performance) against supplier goals.

This begs the question: how much do you know about your suppliers’ or buyers’ business goals? How much do they know about yours? If you don’t know what your partners are aiming to achieve, and they don’t know what you’re aiming to achieve, you can end up working against rather than with each other. We’ve written this white paper to help you become more aligned.

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