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White Paper

Making the Business Case for Rebate Management Software: Calculating Your ROI

Are you currently evaluating your rebate management needs and wondering how you can propose potential new software to senior stakeholders?

In this white paper, we’ll show you how to build a business case that demonstrates both the direct financial gains you can expect from investing in rebate management software, and the indirect ROI that comes from freeing up time and expertise to focus on more valuable work. 

It’s based on the results of over 100 individual ROI studies that we at Enable have conducted with manufacturers, distributors and retailers in North America and Europe, in industries as diverse as automotive, groceries, electrical supplies and building materials. 

Download this white paper to discover:

  • What to consider when calculating your potential ROI
  • How to make the case for software to manage customer and supplier rebates
  • What kind of ROI others in your sector have seen from rebate management software
  • How to get a free ROI assessment for your business
The Importance of Measuring Your Rebate Programs

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