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White Paper

The Rise of the Rebate Professionals

For decades, many of the world’s strongest trading relationships have been built on rebate agreements.

The people trusted with managing these mutually beneficial business deals have played vital roles. But by necessity, they’ve been cogs in a much larger machine. Their time has been absorbed by administrative tasks: collecting and keying-in data, performing audits, corresponding over disputes.

Now, the limits of rebate management are expanding.

Businesses are realizing the need for—and immense value of—even closer collaboration with their suppliers and customers. And at the same time, technology is automating rebate management administration, enabling deeper strategic insights, and supporting new ways of working together.

Liberated from mundane tasks, empowered to analyze and collaborate…

Ambitious rebate analysts and rebate accountants are redefining their roles—to supercharge their careers, and help their companies thrive.

Download this white paper to discover:

  • Why it’s an exciting time to be a rebate professional
  • How to free yourself from admin (while optimizing rebate processes)
  • How you can show the strategic value you can deliver to your employer
  • Why closer collaboration with your trading partners is beneficial

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